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Douglas County DUI Attorney

Aggressive Defense for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

DUI charges don’t just apply to individuals who’ve been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.  In Colorado, DUI charges can also be filed against someone who consumes drugs and drives.   If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, it’s to your advantage to retain the legal counsel of an experienced Douglas County DUI lawyer like Chris Cessna.   Mr. Cessna is a highly skilled DUI attorney, and has defended many clients throughout Douglas County who’ve been arrested on DUI of drug charges.

DUI of Drug Cases in Douglas County

DUI charges will be filed against any driver whose ability to safely operate a vehicle has been impaired due to drugs. Many people are often surprised to learn that a person can face DUI charges for driving under the influence of a prescription drug or over-the-counter medication.  Although these drugs aren’t illegal, they can affect a person’s driving abilities, especially when drowsiness is a common side effect or the alcohol concentration in the medicine is above a certain amount.   Police officers in Douglas County do not care what type of drug is in a driver’s system.  As long as the drug has compromised their ability to safely drive a car they will be arrested on DUI charges.

It should be mentioned that should a driver be arrested for driving under the influence of an illegal drug, they could face additional legal penalties for drug possession, possession with intent to sale, drug distribution, drug transportation, etc.

Contact Douglas County DUI Lawyer Chris Cessna

If you are facing DUI of drug charges in Douglas County, attorney Chris Cessna can provide you with the committed and aggressive defense you need. Without the representation of a trained DUI lawyer, you could quickly find yourself convicted of the charges and sentenced to such legal penalties as imprisonment, fines, probation, community service, license suspension, court-ordered drug treatment, and more.

Do not let your charges spiral out of control into a conviction.  You can depend on Douglas County DUI attorney Chris Cessna to utilize his knowledge, skills, and expertise of Colorado DUI law to help you fight your charges, and to work towards resolving your case in the best possible outcome.

To discuss your driving under the influence of drug charges, contact Douglas County DUI lawyer Chris Cessna today!

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