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Blood & Breath Tests

Douglas County DUI lawyer Chris Cessna represents Colorado clients charged with DUI and has a great deal of experience handling alcohol-related criminal offenses.  When it comes to blood test and breath tests, Attorney Cessna is an expert because of the extensive training he has received over the years, especially in regards to breathalyzer tests.  Once a driver is stopped for suspected DUI, they will be asked to take a blood or breath test which will determine their exact blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  The blood or breath test will measure the amount of alcohol present in the person’s bloodstream.  According to Colorado Law, people holding driver’s licenses have already expressed consent to take blood or breath tests if they are pulled over for DUI, so all individuals in this position are legally required to take the test after a police officer requests it. 

Blood Tests

When a blood test is performed, samples of the suspect’s blood will be drawn and tested to see what percentage of alcohol is present in the blood.  Even though blood testing is a relatively accurate way of determining a person’s BAC, it is not a fool proof method and things can and do go wrong.  Sometimes a blood sample is improperly stored or is not drawn properly, affecting the BAC results.  Other times, the test subject may have a health condition that may lead to an inflated BAC that makes it look like they were legally intoxicated, when they really were not.  Whatever the case, Douglas County DUI lawyer Chris Cessna will take all these factors into account to contest the results of your blood test if necessary. 

Breath Tests   

Breath tests are administered using a breath testing device or machine that measures the amount of alcohol present in the air of a person’s lungs.  Because blood and oxygen are so closely related, the quality of the air in a person’s lungs can directly reflect the amount of alcohol present in the blood.  In order to produce accurate results, breath testing equipment must be properly calibrated and maintained, and this is often overlooked.  Douglas County Dui attorney Chris Cessna has the legal training to review your breath test to find any malfunctions in the breath testing equipment that was used to get your BAC and will challenge the results where necessary.

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