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Douglas County DUI Attorney

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a DUI Attorney

Learn How We Beat DUIs with Science

In the time immediately following a criminal charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, it is vitally important that you do not hesitate to secure the legal assistance of a skilled Douglas County DUI defense lawyer. A successful conviction of something of this nature has the ability to cause detrimental, life-altering consequences that will be difficult, if not impossible, to overcome without the proper level of legal guidance and support. Whether you are facing a situation with a failed blood test, breath test or whether you were pulled over unlawfully, you are not without defense strategies. Although most law enforcement and prosecutors have the best of intentions, the truth is that sometimes they can become overzealous in their efforts and violate your rights. You should not be forced to suffer because of this. By securing the assistance of an experienced attorney, you can take the necessary steps to defending your rights and protecting your rights.

If you've been arrested on DUI charges in Douglas County, it's important to speak with a highly skilled and aggressive DUI defense attorney who has been formally trained, and has the extensive experience fighting DUIs with science. Keep in mind that many attorneys claim to have experience with DUIs. In fact, many claim to do nothing but DUI defense, however, if they do not have extensive formal training and actual trial experience with the scientific evidence which the government will use against you in trial, there simply is not much they can do for you. One of your best tools for finding the attorney who will be the best fit for you in your DUI matter is to read the "10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a DUI Attorney," found just above.

Why Science Matters

When searching for the right Douglas County DUI lawyer to defend you against your charges, it's important to look for someone who has a solid knowledge and understanding of the science behind breath and blood testing, including the field sobriety tests which the officer administered to you that evening.

Some attorneys claim in their advertising to be this nation's "Top DUI Attorneys." However, if asked how much formal training or certifications they have in the scientific evidence of blood, breath and field sobriety testing it may become clear that the only reason they can claim to be a top national DUI attorney is because they pay a third-party, out-of-state marketing firm to make that hollow claim.

Some attorneys even claim in their advertising to be "Experts" in DUI defense. This claim may also be very misleading. If some attorney claims to be an "expert," make sure and ask them what third-party has qualified them as such. Ask them what actual court of law legally qualified them as an expert. Make sure they tell you what specific area of expertise the court qualified them in (Breath testing? Blood testing? Standardized field sobriety tests?). If a court of law did qualify them as an expert, that attorney should be able to give you a case number, the name of a specific court, and the date of the hearing where they were so qualified. Ask to see the transcript of the proceedings where the judge actually so qualified them as an expert. Mr. Cessna has been formally and legally qualified as an expert witness in "standardized field sobriety testing" in the Colorado Courts, and is happy to share those details with any potential client.

Always remember to get to the important issues when selecting a DUI attorney to represent you. Ask them what training and experience they have which will allow them to beat the cornerstone of the government's evidence against you - the scientific evidence of blood, breath and field sobriety testing.

Becoming a skilled trial attorney in refuting the government's science takes years of formal training that attorneys do not receive in law school. The fact is, many attorneys simply do not want to put in the extra time, trouble and expense to truly learn the science behind the evidence that the government will use against you. They have simply taken the path of least resistance and spent a career pleading their clients out when the government's scienctific evidence intimidated them.

DUI Defense in Douglas County

Chris Cessna has years of the formal training and experience in the science that the government will use against you. Mr. Cessna is committed to working aggressively to ensure the charges do not escalate into a conviction. Regardless of what your DUI case may entail, you can trust Mr. Cessna to provide you with the experienced, committed, and uncompromising defense you need to resolve your case in the best possible outcome.

Throughout Douglas and its surrounding counties, cases of DUI abound. Law enforcement officers are vigorously looking for suspected drunk drivers and they are eager to arrest those who fail the field sobriety tests and blood and breath tests that are administered. However, these tests can produce results that do not reflect a person's true level of intoxication, making the need for a DUI defense attorney particularly crucial. Charges of vehicular assault, vehicular homicide, and drugs and DUI all need to be addressed promptly in order to ensure that you have the best possible chance of a reduced or dropped sentence. Even charges of boating under the influence and out of state DUI arrests need to be met with diligence. It is very important that every DUI arrest be immediately followed by scheduling a DMV hearing to protect your rights to drive. With the help of a DUI defense lawyer from the firm, you can feel secure in knowing that attentive and aggressive legal defense is at work on your behalf.

The firm services clients throughout Castle Rock, Larkspur, Lone Tree, Parker and Highlands Ranch.

Please take a moment to fully explore our website and learn more about Mr. Cessna's background. Then call us and lets discuss your case and your goals. 303-456-1600.

Contact Douglas County DUI Lawyer Chris Cessna

To ensure you get the proper defense you need, it’s best to contact Douglas County DUI attorney Chris Cessna as soon as possible. Mr. Cessna has the knowledge and resources to fully investigate all aspects of your case, and to prepare a defense strategy customized to your specific charges. Mr. Cessna will review all of the evidence against you, especially the field sobriety test and the breath or blood test to ensure your rights were not violated, and that the police abided by proper police procedure.

If you’re facing DUI charges in Douglas County, it’s imperative that you take your situation seriously, as your rights and freedom are in jeopardy.

Contact Douglas County DUI lawyerChris Cessna and let him use his skills and expertise to aggressively fight your charges throughout the DUI process.

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